About Us

Antrov is a project management and consulting firm founded in 2010 in Dublin. Our field of  activity is not limited to Ireland, we are also available worldwide, always chasing a new peak to climb and offering our expertise to clients in numerous projects in diversified fields . Launched by a group of professional management consultants, antrov has a team of multi disciplinary experts that are available  to offer their services to any client and project, in any size. Our services vary according to the client's requirements and goals. We offer comprehensive packages of project management from the initiation stage to its closure and  also render a wide range of consulting services in management and financial issues .

Vision & Values

Antrov unique approach is fueled by the strong belief that expertise and professionalism are mandatory, but are not enough if a company wants to make a difference and have added value to offer to its clients. This is why At antrov we share the same basic values, standards and ethics.   All our employees and management, commit themselves to our communal values  and operate under the same quality standards.

Know your Client

Our experts always dedicate  time and effort  in learning the client’s business environment, organizational climate and make  sure to operate within the framework of the client’s needs and expectations.

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Integrity and Confidentiality

These are our core values. We appreciate the fact that in order to do our job the client sometimes has to reveal some of the inside information and trade secrets. We cherish this trust and always make sure that this information is safe and used solely to the client’s benefit.

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Thinking Out of the Box

We encourage innovative thinking and development of  original  methods. We believe that our vast experience across themes and markets gives us a better view point and can incite new ideas for better performance.  

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Project Management

Offering a structured approach and new strategy is inherent in our service methodology. Using our services enables clients to achieve their goals with minimum stress and maximum success. We offer fail-proof planning and a comprehensive approach which takes into consideration the complexities of  both the project and the organization. We know how to harness the client's management and staff, and how to target profit drivers. Every service we offer is carefully planned to deliver the best results. 

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Management Consultancy

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